bearing Ring
A bearing ring is an annular part of a radial rolling bearing with one or several raceways

Product Description

A bearing ring is an annular part of a radial rolling bearing with one or several raceways.

Production steps:

1. Forging: Overburning, overheating, internal cracking into network carbides, etc. during the forging process will reduce the toughness and strength of the ferrule. Therefore, the processing temperature, circulation heating and post-forging heat dissipation conditions (such as spray cooling) must be strictly controlled all the time, especially after the final forging of larger varieties of ferrules, the temperature is above 700 ℃, and they must not be piled up.

2. Heat treatment: Close monitoring of heat treatment equipment is an important task in the workshop. Monitoring equipment reliability. Important temperature control devices such as instruments and thermocouples must be closely monitored to ensure accurate and reliable measurement data; those with excessive errors must be replaced in time, and sick operation is strictly prohibited.

3. Monitoring of grinding process. Finished imported bearing rings are not allowed to have grinding burns and grinding cracks, especially the matching surface of the inner ring screwdriver must not have burns. If the ferrule is pickled, a full inspection should be carried out to remove burnt products. Those with serious burns cannot be repaired or those that fail to be repaired should be scrapped. Ferrules with grinding burns are not allowed to enter the assembly process.

4. Marking management. After the steel is put into storage and before the ferrule is ground, each process must be strictly managed, and two different materials and products, GCR15 and GCR15SINN, must be strictly distinguished.



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