Is a professional trading company specializing in the import and export of various bearing products.

The mission of Kunyuan International Co., Ltd. is to provide you with the best quality products and services in the bearing market!
With over 10,000 bearings and related components in our 100,000 sq. ft. stock warehouse, we are confident in delivering the right product at the right time.
We operate an unrivaled sourcing system, if we do not have stock we can search for any bearing anywhere in the world and get it to you within a short period of time.
We cooperate directly with major bearing manufacturers to reduce intermediate links, thus providing the most competitive price in the world.
We cover the bearing products of major famous brands in the world, with a complete range of products to meet the different needs of customers.
Our products have a strict quality control system from procurement to warehousing to ensure that each product meets customer requirements and reduce customer quality risks.
We have a complete set of strong supply chain system, and adopt fast, safe and punctual international logistics methods to ensure that customers can receive the goods in the shortest time.
We also offer tailor-made solutions for your bearing business.
Reputation is everything and we take great pride in our new clients always coming to us through referrals, thank you for your business!

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